Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another tuesday ^~^

well, everything ended so soon =] i belief time heals like wat most ppl said ;) am trying to erase all my memories as this is the only way to start NEW! being my usual self STEPHANIE WONG WOAN CHYI as before ^~^ i dont deny that even now..you kept appearing wherever i go =] the memories of us~ am trying to ROCK MY HEART! looking at the phone almost everytime hoping to see ur msgs or calls like i always did before =] but...now, im gonna try to keep away the phone from me=] i'll never stick to hps anymore unless its necessary to use ;) n tis could reduce the radiation from me too! =] saving $$ on long calls as well as reduce radiation without any phone calls =] how good! well, probably u dint realise how you treated me for da past years, but i wouldnt mind now cuz there's nomore connection between us =] im gonna go on with my life =] the way you treated me i would just take it as an experience as life goes on =] but i pray that you would change urself like i always tried to do, to get the best out of you =] now, its up to you and ur willingness either to improve or to stay =] wishing you all the best =]

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